Excited is an understatement. This. Is. Everything.

Bill Hader hosts this season’s third show with musical guest Hozier on October 11!


Craig Ferguson talks about Peter Capaldi. [x]


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The super funny Craig Ferguson is here to talk his new game show and much, much more!

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Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. The one I had been planning on that evening walk. I can become again the man who once crossed the surrey park at dusk, in my best suit, swaggering on the promise of life. The man who, with the clarity of passion, made love to you in the library. The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame.

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Miles for Scotch & Soda S/S 2013 
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Craig Ferguson: Natalie and Sophie, are you jealous of the swordplay? Do you ever wish you could get a little more in the way of kind of brutal killing action going on? [x]

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ваши волосы стали длиннее…”
He would think she isn’t at all startled by his sudden appearance, if not for the way she halts in her movement for the briefest of moments.
“It’s been a while,” she replies nonchalantly and turns around. She crosses the room without haste and sits down across of him. They both have been trained to stare down others, never to be the first breaking eye-contact, so there is a long moment of silence as they both just sit there, assessing one another,
“What are you doing here, Barnes?” she finally asks softly. “I cannot help you.”

ваши волосы стали длиннее = Your hair is longer


Tom Hardy in a portrait for ‘The Drop.’ (Photo: Dustin Cohen for USA TODAY)